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Depending on your experience, you will be working for 3 or 4 years on developing yourself professionally and personally. You will carry out interim assignments at our customers’ organisations in a wide range of branches: retail, multinationals, industry, and government. Within a short time, you will get acquainted with various organisations as well as hr positions. Additionally, you will work on your personal development through peer review, workshops on current hr trends, and training courses focused on skills such as influencing and persuasion styles, impactful counselling, and personal leadership.


Trainee Recruitment 

To take part in the development programme and thus become part of this group of HR professionals, there are several basic rules: You are courageous and energetic, and you have an entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, you are flexible and driven to realise your ambitions. Is your response a resounding yes? In that case, you are eligible to be selected for either of the following teams:

If you’re a recruitment trainee, making the best match gives you tremendous energy. You want to continue to develop as a corporate recruiter, and you know the labour market from the inside out.
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