New HRtop100 podcasts

The countdown has started again

The countdown for the HRtop100 has started again!

Behind the scenes we have been recording podcasts with this year's nominees. The first ones are available now and many more will follow throughout the year, so keep an eye on the website and our socials!

Where COVID-19 dominated every conversation last year, we see that there is now room to look further. The past one and a half years have been a kind of pressure cooker where changes have followed each other in rapid succession. Now it is time to apply what we have learned to create a new (and hopefully optimal) future of work. Working 'post corona' and all that goes with it is therefore the central theme of this year. And fortunately, this also provides room for topics that were perhaps pushed a bit into the background, but which we can now pick up again in our HR hearts. 

What are these topics? And what view does the HR leader have of working 'post corona'? You can hear it in the HRtop100 podcasts via