(career) coaching

from 'good' to "better"

Being (more) successful and (more) happy in your career, and having faith in the future: that’s what coaching is all about. Sometimes, you just need a small push in the right direction; an eye-opener or an aha moment. Whether you’d like to solve a problem, take the next step, or achieve a new goal, you should consider coaching. Is one of these (coaching) issues on your mind?

  • Stagnation in your role;
  • Leadership issues;
  • A changing culture;
  • Reorganisation;
  • Work/life balance;
  • Questions regarding your age group: every generation handles its career differently and has its own career and development issues;
  • A new manager or colleague who has a different vision;
  • Dealing with stress and workload pressure.

There are different ways to deal with these issues in a conscious manner. Rvdb would be happy to help you through:

Individual coaching & counselling

Individual coaching can be deployed when practical and work-related issues are concerned - for example, to achieve results that provide fulfilment in your personal and professional life. It is a process in which you become aware of your abilities. If you have a personal issue, a life issue, and/or an emotional (psychosocial) issue, we would be happy to help you through counselling. Examples include questions such as: How can I find more fulfilment and joy in my life? How should I deal with insecurity? How do I become more confident? Individual coaching and counselling are often combined.

Career counselling

We provide you with guidance if you’re looking to take the next step in your career or make a new career move, either internally - within the organisation where you’re currently working - or externally.


Supervision is a learning conversation for professionals who want to work with people. It is conducted one on one or in small groups consisting of up to four people. You will explore your work experience and reflect on work situations as well as professional conduct - all under the guidance of one of our supervisors, of course.