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every change starts with you.

Today, companies have a desire to be innovative and agile. Admittedly, they have no choice in turbulent times like these. The need for hr is greater than ever. As an hr professional, you are the driving force behind organisational change. Every day, you are trying to get people on board and motivate them. Easier said than done, because change is never easy. People are creatures of habit and tend to fall back into old ways. If you truly want to help an organisation realise a change, you need to start with you first. Because only then, you can inspire others to do the same.

Rvdb can help you achieve this.

The RvdB development programme

How can you get others to share your fresh view? What are the various interests within your organisation and how should you handle these? How can you convince your stakeholders? Which talents can you use? How can you provide advice at a strategic level? What is truly important to you and the organisation? The RvdB development programme provides answers to all of these questions.

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(Career) Coaching

During your career as an HR professional, you will undoubtedly face questions regarding choices as well as ambiguities - or you may simply want to explore things. An external coach can inspire you, be a sparring partner, and help you get off the beaten track.

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