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We are HR shapers

We, as team HR consultancy, believe that HR plays a crucial role in every organization. In our ideal world, HR is a driving force of the organization: steering, connecting and supporting. With the aim to let the organization excel and let all employees grow, now and in the future.

We help to strengthen the HR position

Often from specialist HR topics, such as strategic workforce planning or talent management. No matter how big or small the question is, everyone is welcome. Our track record lays mainly in mid-sized companies, but we also do nice work for startups and larger organizations. The request for help from every unique client is leading. We believe in the power of doing things tailor-made and solutions that are to-the-point and practical, but cleverly thought out. Together with our clients, we are building modern HR policies and instruments. We believe this can be simple, clear and fresh.

We combine thinking and doing

We focus on finding the right solution. As a project leader, implementation manager, sparring partner, facilitator, trainer, coach, ... - the work title is not important to us. We are flexible and result-oriented and do what is needed. The core of our work is strategic thinking and pragmatic doing, in other words: we are Smart Doers. It starts with formulating the client needs. We are used to operating close to where the magic happens in your organization; We have the greatest impact directly at the table with the (end) decision makers.

We are sharp, listen well and ask critical questions. And then, in a playful, thorough and accessible way, we get to work with your question. In a visible and approachable way for everyone involved. Humor also characterizes our approach, because we are also fun people to work with. We ensure that the solution is sustainable and well embedded in the organization.

We are world wise and stainless

We strive for growth and progress and have an optimistic view on the future of HR. We advise from extensive experience and knowledge from the practice of various organizations.

Curious about what we can do for your organization? Contact us with your specific question or for a no-obligation and entertaining cup of coffee. You can reach us here or directly via our personal Linkedin profile.


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