1 November 2015, written by Annick Beekmans

Do international assigments pay off?

Today’s global economy has created a dynamic and complex environment which is influencing the way business is conducted. Companies start globalizing, but whereas other departments (such as strategy, finance, operations and marketing) have taken a global approach, the human resource department appears to be generally lagging behind.
This is especially notable in The Netherlands. We are an open economy, dealing with a large amount of international trade. In addition, through our favourable business climate, we have a relatively large number of (regional) headquarters of international companies. In short, from a Dutch point of view, there is every reason to assume that there would be international hr perspective in The Netherlands. In practice, it was found that this is not always the case.

Rvdb as a Dutch hr company wants to help rectify this. Not only by coaching & finding international HR talents and designing & implementing effective hr tools, but also by conducting research in different aspects of international hr. In 2014, we researched the hr phenomenon of global mobility/ expatriation. By broadening our hr knowledge and sharing the research results, we aim to contribute to the professionalization of the field of international hr. We will not only share this with other researchers and students
from universities and colleges, but also with people in the industry - our candidates and our clients. With this knowledge, they can create the tools and processes to make a more global scope in hr a reality.

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